Website Solutions for your success in the internet

Welamon is the brand of Medyasis making boutique websites.
Corporations which want to buy service without any problems make its customer mass.

projelerWelamon is a solution partner forming close dialogs with its customers and mentoring during all of the process, guiding and intending its customer to have the maximum benefit from the result, besides making websites.

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MedyaPAY Online Payment System

Made online collection, Receiving payment...

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MedyaPAY is a system online collection of credit cards on the Internet.
It is the most important feature of MedyaPAY cash collection, the collection of installment credit cards, collections by e-mail.

projelerIt was introduced to the market by Medyasis in 2016.

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Wikado Webbox

Make and update your website yourself...

Wikado Webbox is an ''Instant Website Package'' providing the corporations and people to make and update their websites.
Using Wikado Webbox does not require special knowledge or skill.
It is the most important feature of Wikado Webbox not to compensate from its convenience of use while offering the technical features to answer the demands at the highest level.

projelerWikado Webbox which was produced and put on market by Medyasis in 2005 created its own segment and followers. It has the position of a leader in the website market by a long shot.

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We have made e-commerce very very easy

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It is the ''Instant Professional E-commerce Website Package'' for people and corporations who want to sell from the internet.
It addresses to the middle- upper segments of the e-commerce market either in terms of technical features or price, with its features such as the advanced technical features it offers, its training program, its unique security features and its licencing model allowing the users the permission of use in their own servers or hosting.

projelerThe success of the e-maximum users in their e-commerce enterprises is directly about the product's technical features changing its sales efforts into success and the e-commerce training program coming with it.

projelerIt was introduced to the market by Medyasis in 2005.

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Integrated Web Solutions

Webelma is a product/ solution jointing system offering perfect products and services about website production under a single roof for Advertising Agencies producing and selling websites and owning market share about this subject, Informatics Companies and Internet Service Providers providing hosting service and Freelance designers.
The people and corporations stated above also have the opportunity to produce very sufficient websites very quickly becoming members of the Webelma system

projelerThe Webelma business model is the first model of its kind not only in Turkey but also in the world. The existence of thousands of sufficient websites in the market produced on the Webelma platform displays the success of the model.

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Publish your newspaper or magazine on the internet

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It is a perfect electronic publishing platform for people who want to become internet publishers and have internet domains such as e-newspapers or e-magazines. The Interyay system was also designed focusing on users like the other Medyasis products and it is easy to manage for everyone.
It includes the technologies and advanced features to allow the user to manage his website in a quickest and most effective way with its flexible and modular structure without requiring any kind of installation and completely working at the internet environment.

projelerIts supreme success at the search engines is its most important difference.

projelerIt was produced in 2008 and launched in 2009.

projelerFor further information please visit the Interyay corporate website.