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Project Consulting in all internet applications at the dimension of editing.


Web Sites

Instant website solutions or project based website applications with Wikado Webbox

Web Siteleri

E-Commerce Sites

Instant e-commerce site solutions or project based website applications with E-Maximum

E-ticaret Siteleri

News Portals

Solutions such as instant e-newspapers, e-magazines or project based news portal applications with Interyay.

Haber Siteleri


News, Real Estate, Automotive, HR, Bid, Auction / Reverse Auction, e-Shopping Mall project applications.


E-Business Solutions

Projects enabling the process to become quicker and purified from mistakes made by human beings and enabling the cost get lower, transferring all kinds of business flow to the e-environment within the frame of a specified mind and strategically editing.

E-İş Çözümleri


Services of collecting, updating and managing content for websites, portals etc. belonging to various corporations.



Instant distance learning site solutions or project based e-learning projects with E-Campus

E-Öğrenme (E-Learning)


Internet based games focused on product introduction and brand promotion


CD / DVD Rom Solutions

Interactive CD/ DVD applications intending promotion, education, learning, content presentation etc.

CD/DVD Rom Uygulamaları

Mobile Solutions

All of the applications working in mobile devices (mobile phones, PDA etc.) connected to / able to be connected to the internet

Mobil Uygulamalar